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5 Boudoir Tips for Your First Boudoir Session

5 Boudoir Tips for Your First Boudoir Session

Just booked your first boudoir photography session? Congratulations- you are about to have a fun and empowering experience. Here are a few tips that cover everything from preparations the week before your shoot to the evening after so that you can get the most out of your session.

Boudoir Tip #1:From the time you book your shoot until the big day, treat your body to healthy food and good exercise so that you can go into your session feeling great about yourself. Also be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. The week before your session is the time to make dramatic changes to your body and hair. Do not go for your last tanning session, wax your body, or get a hair treatment or cut the day before your shoot. If you plan to wear false eyelashes, wigs, new shoes or unfamiliar clothes at your shoot, take the time to break them in first.

Boudoir Tip #2:Begin to collect clothes that you would like to bring to the shoot. Typical items you might consider are matching undergarments, corsets, mini-skirts, short dresses, and low-rise jeans. High-heeled shoes are a must because they elongate the legs and lift the butt. You might also consider wearing unique clothing items such as your man’s uniform, his favorite shirt, classy items like stockings and fur coats, or clothes for a specific theme like vintage pinups. Avoid bringing cheap costumes to your shoot, as they typically do not photograph well. Also make sure to remove all clothing tags so that they do not sneak out or show through your clothes during your shoot.

Boudoir Tip #3:When shopping for new lingerie, it is best to take your unique body shape into consideration. Pear-shaped women should purchase lingerie with plunging necklines to accentuate the slimmest part of the body. When purchasing two-piece sets, try for brands that allow you to purchase two different sizes for your top and bottom. Worst-case scenario, you will have to purchase a set large enough for your bottom and then take in the top piece. Be careful when shopping for thigh-highs, as you will require a larger size that does not create bulges. Padded bras work wonders for pear-shaped women, as do short dresses (they hit the thigh in just the right spot). Avoid babydoll lingerie, empire waist cuts, and bottoms with extra ruffles and fluff, which will make your bottom look bigger.

Apple-shaped women, on the other hand, want babydoll and empire waist cut lingerie to disguise a larger tummy. Bustiers will boost your breasts and slim your middle. Avoid tight undergarments, which will create bulges, and garter straps, which will create strange gaps if your belly is larger than your legs. Straight-shaped women should consider wearing skirted bottoms, push-up bras, and lingerie with curved seams and details to visually create curves in the right places.

Boudoir Tip #4:On the morning of your shoot, make sure you eat breakfast so that you do not pass out during the session. Make sure you shave away any stubble and moisturize your skin. Opt for gel deodorant rather than stick, which tends to leave a chalky residue. Avoid wearing clothes and undergarments with elastic bands, which will leave lines in your skin. If you are doing your own hair and makeup, go easy on the hairspray and wear a button-down shirt to prevent smudging. Your lipstick should be one shade darker than usual and not frosted. Blush and eye makeup should be slightly heavier than normal but still neat and precise. Eye shadow should be a shade lighter. Use powder-based rather than oil-based makeup to prevent shine.

Try to get to the shoot early so that stress over being late does not become an issue in your photographs. Be sure to bring any props you would like to use such as jewelry, feather boas, hats, giant lollipops, aprons, and cooking items. If your photographer does not provide music, bring your mp3 player to help you loosen up during your shoot. During your session, try poses that convey your real attitude. Goofy and shy might seem like opposites, but both can be playful when conveyed in the right way. You will perform your best when you are at your most natural.

Boudoir Tip #5:After your session, you might be a little sore from holding all those different poses, so make sure you drink plenty of water and pop a couple of ibuprofen tablets if necessary. Get plenty of rest if you can- you deserve it! You just survived your first boudoir session, and no doubt you will have plenty of gorgeous prints to show for it. If doubt ever creeps into your mind, just remember that your man will find your photos exponentially more attractive than you could ever imagine. Relax and enjoy the memories!

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