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Posing For Your Boudoir Session

Posing For Your Boudoir Session

You finally mustered the courage to book your first boudoir session. Suddenly you realize that you have no idea what to do when the photographer tells you to pose for the camera! Although the photographer will certainly help you, it is best to go into the session with a few ideas so that you will be less nervous. Here are a few posing tips and techniques to maximize your boudoir experience.

In addition to viewing pictures of other women from previous boudoir sessions, you should look at magazines like Vogue, W, and Maxim. These magazines provide great posing ideas for your boudoir shoot. When you find something you like, ask yourself as many questions as you can about what the model is doing. What facial expression is she making? What is she doing with her hands? If she is a celebrity with whom you are familiar, what kind of techniques might she be using to flatter her body type? What kind of attitude is she portraying for the camera?

When choosing poses that work best for you, play with your surroundings. Experiment with beds, chairs, couches, bathroom mirrors, a bathtub or a shower. Practice with a friend or in front of a mirror if you can. Remember that the goal is not to plan out your entire shoot, but rather bring confidence and self-awareness to your shoot for better performance.

Knowing what to do with your face is surprisingly trickier than knowing what to do with the rest of your body. When you pose for the camera, think about your man and how you would look when making eyes at him from across the room. Practice this with a mirror before your shoot. Feel free to smile, laugh and throw your head back- you do not need be serious to look sexy. Use all of your natural and beautiful facial expressions. When you finally go into your shoot, do not start by looking at the camera- you will probably be too nervous to convey the attitude you need to make eye contact with the photographer. Instead, provide an air of mystery by looking to the side or downward slightly. Even after you have become more comfortable with the camera, you will not always want to look at it. Provide the photographer with variety by looking away, looking down, or closing your eyes.

Next you will want to know what to do with your hands and feet. Try keeping hands busy with props like necklaces, ties, and outfit straps. You might also consider touching your face, chest, arms, or legs. For sexy and romantic poses, you will want to point your toes, as this will convey the right attitude and in the process flatter your calves.

If you are curvy, you will want to let the photographer know what parts of your body you want to show off and what parts you want to play down, because every woman’s preferences are different. In addition to lighting and shading effects, there are specific poses that will flatter your figure. Curving your back will provide more shape if you are posing lying down. To hide a tummy, you might pose on your back, which will also accentuate your face, or on your stomach, which provides variety through where you put your hands. For example, if you lay on your stomach while resting on your elbows, this will accentuate your bust. Posing on your stomach can also accentuate your butt and legs, depending on how the pose is shot. Large hips are minimized simply by positioning them farther away from the camera. Lying on your side will elongate your body, but you must have your legs bent and your top leg crossed over the other. For a standing pose, have your shoulders back and raise your arms to accentuate your breasts (you might consider playing with your hair for this picture). If you do not have curves but want them, turn your body slightly away from the camera.

Some poses to avoid include lip-biting, the “o” face, and tilting your head back with eyes open. These poses might sound good in theory but do not usually work. Ask your photographer to show you the shots as you go- that way you will know what is working for you and what is not. Not only will it help you communicate your desires to your photographer, but it will also boost your confidence and loosen you up. Do not interrupt after every shot, though- try to go with the flow of the shoot.

And those are the basics! You can now go into your first boudoir shoot with a decent idea of what to expect. If you are still nervous, remember that even professional models still had reservations during their first shoots. The photographer will always be there to guide you, demonstrate for you, and provide you with tips for the most exciting shoot of your life. Just remember to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and smile- because no matter what, your man is going to be blown away by his new photo collection!

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