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... change your life! Every woman in Savannah deserves to feel beautiful. At Luxe Boudoir, we make it our mission to empower women through our professional and tasteful boudoir photography. Click through our gallery and see for yourself. Our clients love their photos and our couples feel more connected. Husbands come home early from work and marriages feel stronger. It’s magic, but it takes a leap of faith. Explore our site, watch our video, and browse our boudoir photography. You’ll love your Savannah boudoir experience. We can't wait to show you how beautiful you are.Click here to explore Luxe Boudoir.

Sophisticated Boudoir Photography

There's something so comfortable and sexy about a Lowcountry Savannah woman. We want you to feel that way about yourself! Whether you're bold and daring or sheepish and sweet, our professional photographers will work with your personal preferences to capture sensual and classy photographs that bring out your inner Southern belle. We're in Savannah for heavens sake. If you're looking for a gift for that special someone, why not create a boudoir calendar for him to enjoy all year long? Or if you're single, you can save all those pictures for yourself. After all, we all need to be reminded of how beautiful we are every once in a while. Click for amazingly tasteful boudoir photography.

Bridal Boudoir of Savannah

Whether you're engaged to be married or you're about to celebrate your anniversary, a bridal boudoir album would make for a great gift for your man. Maybe you want to tease your groom in between your ceremony and reception with a preview of your wedding night. Maybe your wedding night has come and gone and you want to revisit the memory. Either way, gather up your wedding heels, veil, flower petals, lacy lingerie and more for a photo session that will make his jaw drop! Click for the best savannah bridal boudoir photography.

Couples Boudoir Photography

It's one thing to experience the feeling of your significant other and quite another to see your intimacy captured on film! Here at Luxe Boudoir, we love to bring couples into our studio for tasteful and intimate photography. The romantic (and sometimes funny) experience of being photographed together adds a whole new dimension to a couple's relationship and often brings them closer together. It's a whole lot easier to be sexy in front of the camera when the guy that you love is right there beside you. What have you got to lose? Click here for more couples boudoir.

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Your Savannah Boudoir Experience Will Never Be the Same

Although our studio is in located in Charleston, we serve clients in Savannah. If you're interested in boosting your confidence and taking home some amazing photographs of yourself, then jump onto I-95 N and come give us a try! If you don’t like to leave home, but still want the same great experience, then arrange a session with some friends and we’ll pack up our studio and bring it down for you. For the best boudoir photographer around, you have some great options. We can't wait to visit you in Savannah. Book your session right now!





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Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
Shooting Time ~ 2 3 4
Set Choices ~ 2 3 4
Outfits ~ 2 3 4
Proofs to Preview ~ 20 40 60
Hair & Makeup ~
Same-day Viewing ~
High-end Portfolio Book ~
Secret Photo Box ~
High-Res Disc ~
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