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Columbia Boudoir Photography

Feeling adventurous lately? Need something special to get you through another boring week of work? Need the perfect gift for the man in your life? Then round up your girlfriends, get out of Columbia, and visit us at Luxe Boudoir. Spice up life and imagine how sexy you'll feel in lingerie posing like a model in front of the camera. Imagine what he’ll say when you show him those pictures. Better yet, tell those girlfriends of yours to bring those little things that are special to you and your significant other. Come Monday morning, your coworkers won't understand there is a smile of your face. Maybe, next time, he’ll go with you for a couple’s boudoir session. Click here to explore Luxe Boudoir.

Classy Columbia Boudoir

No matter your personality style, be it bashful or bold, our professional photographers know how to work with you for tasteful results. Who says sexy has to be raunchy? At Luxe Boudoir of Columbia, we're all about romance and intimacy. Whether you prefer flirty blue jeans or lacy lingerie, we can photograph you at your best. The best photos involve things like dog tags, special clothing, mementos, etc. Your man can thank us later. Click here for tasteful boudoir photos.

Intimate Bridal Boudoir

Everyone knows that while the bride dreams about the perfect wedding in Columbia, the groom dreams about the honeymoon on the beach. You have tons of photographs from the wedding, so why not photograph what was on his mind as well? We're not suggesting anything scandalous- just a few tasteful and flirty photos of you in your veil and white undergarments. You'll feel beautiful when you see the results and he'll appreciate the thought that went into them. It's only fair, right? Click for amazing bridal boudoir photography.

Romantic Couples Boudoir

Boudoir is fun and intimate, so why not share the experience with the one you love? You and your man will have a blast enjoying each other in front of the camera, laughing and blushing as you discover how great you look together. Couples boudoir is a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary, spice up your date night, or have some spontaneous fun. What better way to rekindle romance than through some fun and flirty modeling? Click here for intimate couples boudoir photography.

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Arrive at our studio

Your consultation

Getting dressed

Photo time

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Choosing Images

Your Boudoir Order

Your Columbia Boudoir Experience Will Never Be the Same

Ready to feel gorgeous? Hop onto I-26 E and come check us out. Come by yourself for an intimate experience, but arrange a couple of girlfriends to join and we’ll bring our equipment to Columbia for a session in a location of your choice. Book you session right now!





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Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
Shooting Time ~ 2 3 4
Set Choices ~ 2 3 4
Outfits ~ 2 3 4
Proofs to Preview ~ 20 40 60
Hair & Makeup ~
Same-day Viewing ~
High-end Portfolio Book ~
Secret Photo Box ~
High-Res Disc ~
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