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Dressed in white at your wedding, you vow your life to your husband, to be completely his for the rest of your life. It’s an incredibly special time, deserving of incredibly special efforts. And, there’s no other wedding gift idea quite like bridal boudoir! Perfect for before or after the wedding, bridal boudoir celebrates you as a bride. The photos are taken with you in white lingerie, bra and panty set, and especially your veil! (You’ll especially love our white satin sheets!) But that’s not all; there are so many fun, beautiful and classy clothing and prop options, and specialized sets in our deluxe boudoir studio. For our wedding clients, on the day of your wedding, right after you finish getting hair and makeup ready, we can show up early and take some extra special sexy pictures to surprise him with later!

What do you need to prepare? Nothing, other than maybe do a little shopping! Luckily, you already have some of the clothing accessories (read: dress, jewelry and veil), right? Your boudoir images will range from glamorous to seductive, but they will always be tasteful and classy. When you’re done, you’ll know why you did this wonderful bridal boudoir session with us.

Bridal Boudoir Groom Gift Reaction

One Happy Groom

We love this picture! The expression on this groom’s face really shows how happy our gift recipients (husbands, groomsman, boyfriends, etc.) get! You can expected this reaction from your loved one as well. Surprise him; surprise yourself. Navigate to our other galleries: Tasteful Boudoir Pictures, Bridal Boudoir Pictures, Couples Boudoir Picture

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