Want a Happy Marriage? Try Boudoir

Want a Happy Marriage? Try Boudoir

There are so many advantages to having a boudoir photography session. One of the biggest ones is that it makes for a happy marriage! Whether you’re going in for a boudoir session alone or with your husband, your pictures are sure to please the both of you.

Maybe you haven’t gotten married yet- maybe you’re thinking about giving boudoir photos to your fiance on your wedding day. This kind of gift showcases your fun and flirty side and lets your man know what you’re capable of. Or maybe you want to bring a boudoir photographer into your honeymoon suite the morning after your wedding. Couples are obsessive about photographing everything else having to do with their wedding day, so a few photographs in your hotel room isn’t really that strange of an idea. Remember that boudoir isn’t pornography- it’s about capturing emotion. Your session can be as modest as you want it to be.

Perhaps you’re thinking of doing a boudoir shoot as an anniversary gift to your man. A boudoir album could be just the thing to ignite a long-forgotten spark in your marriage. Your husband will be moved by your thoughtful gift and will look for ways he can spice up your marriage as well. What’s more, a boudoir session gives you a reason to shop for new lingerie for the both of you to enjoy later.

If your husband is overseas, a package in the mail full of boudoir photographs might be just the thing to lift his spirits while he’s away. He will look forward to your reunion even more after seeing your willingness to try new things.

A couples boudoir session would provide you and your spouse with a one-of-a-kind bonding experience. Seeing intimate photographs of each other together will make you realize how good you look together. Imagine pulling out your boudoir album thirty years down the road and remembering how good it felt to be so open and intimate with one another.

Marriage doesn’t have to be the end of sexy. A boudoir session won’t magically fix your marriage, but it will remind your husband that he’s amazingly lucky to have you. Not only will boudoir photography bring you closer together, but it will boost your self-confidence and make you realize how beautiful you are as a woman- and self-confidence is very attractive to a man. The next time you need a gift for your spouse, whether it be for Valentine’s Day or his birthday, give him a gift that won’t easily be forgotten.

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